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I am a Direct-Entry Midwife.  I have also worked as a DONA Birth Doula and a certified Chiropractic Assistant. I have been involved in midwifery since early 1999 when I was certified as a Birth Doula through DONA, Int. and attended my first birth as a student midwife. The following year, I enrolled in the Midwifery Training Institute of American – a long distance learning course based out of Dallas, TX. During this time I learned hands-on midwifery skills under several different midwives during short-term apprenticeships. I completed three years with MTI, and then transferred to the Midwife to Be Program in South Carolina. I graduated from the Midwife to Be course in the summer of 2005 and began attending births as a primary midwife.


In 2009, I furthered my education by pursuing certification in Birth Emergency Skills Training. This intensive training is specifically geared for out-of-hospital midwives. I also maintain current certification in neonatal resuscitation and participate in local and regional continuing education opportunities.

I am a traditional midwife, not a certified nurse-midwife. I have attended over 200 births as a primary care provider and am planning on taking the NARM exam in the spring of 2019.

Certified Professional Midwives and Direct Entry Midwives are not regulated by the state of Mississippi. The state is aware of us, and requires us to file birth certificates, but they have not had any reason to put specific laws and regulations in place.

The Mississippi Midwives Alliance was formed in 2010 to help establish quality care guidelines for practicing midwives and keep them accountable through peer review. Most of the reputable midwives within our state are members of this organization. You can check the website for more information and for an up to date listing of current members.

We do have some pretty amazing midwives serving in our State. However, please be aware that anyone can call themselves a midwife in Mississippi, so make sure the midwife you choose has plenty of training and is qualified to provide good care during your pregnancy and birth.

I am mommy to four beautiful babies, all born naturally. My oldest is ten and my youngest was born in October of 2014. Because I was born with a serious and potentially life-threatening condition, I am considered "high risk" and so none of my own babies have been born at home. I have been blessed with a wonderful doctor who has worked with me through each of my labors and paved the way for very positive, natural hospital births each time. I have to admit, though, that there is a part of me that feels very saddened that I will never experience the joy of delivering my babies in my own home...and I am supper excited that I have the opportunity to help other mamas make their dreams come true.