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What Moms are Saying...

"We had an immediate connection with Melinda from our initial consultation. She was everything we ever dreamed would be in a midwife. She is incredibly calm, soft spoken, caring, knowledgeable, and prepared. There was always plenty of time to discuss concerns, questions or just gaining knowledge during appointments. When she arrived at our home for the birth, I felt such a sense of peace knowing she was there. She allowed us our wishes for the birth and once baby was born she gave us time to bond and enjoy our new arrival. She was a huge source of help during postpartum time with breastfeeding and other concerns I had. I can’t say enough good things about her personally and professionally. She is amazing and allowed us to have the perfect birth for our little guy!"

- Ashley, Meridian, MS

I have two children and both were born at home with a midwife. Melinda was my midwife for my second child and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else in the world. She was always thorough with check-ups and I always felt very much cared for as an individual. Melinda stays current on all things related to midwifery.

At the birth, she was very alert to everything going on and had every base covered even thou she was working alone. She was very calm and reassuring through the entire birth. I had a big baby (9lbs, 8oz) and we experienced shoulder dystocia for the first time. Melinda stayed very calm and had everything under complete control through the entire experience. She worked quickly, but with no sense of panic. I never knew what happened till she explained it to me later. ...Melinda is very knowledgeable in her field and is very diligent every step of the way.

I highly recommend Melinda. She is the best!!!

- Anna, Starkville, MS

"The care I have received both before and after our home birth has been stellar. Melinda is truly a talented, knowledgeable and caring midwife. She helped me achieve a natural birth experience that is far beyond words. My baby and I have received an overflow of first class care. She helped me remain calm and always reassured my husband and I during and after our delivery. She allowed labor to progress naturally without unnecessary interventions. If there was a problem, she was always calm, prepared and well equipped. At all times, I felt safe in her care. The postpartum care provided by Melinda has been speechless. She answers any questions or concerns and never seems disinterested. Her advice on postpartum care, newborn care and breastfeeding has helped me feel more equipped as a first time mom. My family and I are very thankful we chose her and would never look to any other midwife. Melinda is truly amazing. "

- Natasha, Hattiesburg, MS

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