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Initial Consultation

I offer a free consultation to mothers who are interested in learning more about home birth. When you call, I will gladly answer any questions that you have. I will also ask a few basic questions about your health and pregnancy history. If you are eligible for midwifery care, we will set up a time that you can meet with me and go over any additional questions you may have. Consultations will take place in my office and are offered free of charge.

Prenatal Care

Your prenatal care will include regular visits where we will monitor your blood pressure and other vitals, measure your uterus to make sure your baby is growing well, determine your baby’s position by feeling your belly, check your urine, and monitor your baby's heart beat.

At each appointment, you and your family will have plenty of time to discuss all your questions and concerns with your midwife. I recommend a holistic, natural approach as much as possible and believe that good nutrition, regular exercise and other preventative measures are keys to maintaining good health for both mom and baby.

During the course of your pregnancy, I will watch very carefully to make sure everything is going well. If an issue arises that is outside of normal, you will be referred to an obstetrician for consultation or appropriate care. My goal is to make sure that you receive the highest quality maternity care.

I do suggest that each mother visit an obstetrician at least three times during the pregnancy (once per trimester is ideal) to establish a relationship with an OB and to do all of the standard prenatal labs, ultrasounds (if indicated), glucose testing, and GBS testing. I will work closely with you throughout the pregnancy to make sure that you understand the purpose of each test so that you can make an informed decision about which tests you want, and which tests/routine procedures you would like

Your health care is your responsibility so after understanding the purpose of each test, you may decide which tests you would like during your pregnancy.

Prenatal visits are scheduled monthly through week 28. From weeks 28-36, we will meet every other week and then weekly until the birth. During your pregnancy, I will always be available to you by phone if you have any urgent concerns.

Labor, Birth, and Post Partum Care

Natural birth follows the natural physiological process of the body in labor. . Without unnecessary interventions in labor, you have a reduced risk of complications in labor and less chance of cesarean section .When you are relaxed during labor, your labor can progress at a faster pace. With less tension and apprehension, you will experience less discomfort. During your pregnancy, I will work with you to prepare you for your labor and delivery. We will review strength and toning exercises, relaxation exercises, stretching, breathing, good nutrition and supplements to prepare you and your body for an amazing natural birth experience.

Unlike most hospital births, a homebirth allows you to maintain control of your birth process. You can create your own intimate family atmosphere, and you make the decisions concerning your medical care. You are able to move around freely, eat and drink as you wish, and have whomever you’d like to be with you. You can labor in the tub, have a waterbirth, or give birth in any position that you like. These things make a big difference in your childbirth experience and your perception of discomfort in labor. Your care is personalized to your wishes. I will be there throughout the entire time to

give support, make suggestions, and monitor you and your baby closely during labor, resulting in the best environment for your body to give birth naturally.

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