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Choosing a Midwife

Because MS is an unregulated state, it is very important for consumers to ask questions! What school did the midwife graduate from? What other training has she had? Did she apprentice with another midwife? If so, who was that midwife and how many births did they attend together? How many births has she been involved in? What was her role at these births? (For example, if a midwife says she has attended "30 births" it is important to know if these were her own births, births attended as a friend, doula, photographer, student midwife/apprentice, or as a primary midwife). If someone honestly says "I have attended 40 births but I've only been the primary midwife for five of those" and you are comfortable with being her #6 then that is your right. Ask what her transport rate is. Ask what emergencies she has had to handle at home and the outcome. Ask what equipment she brings to the birth. Ask if she has a list of references she can give you and if you can talk to prior clients. Talk to other people who have had a home birth. Ask about their experiences. Talk to some of the local doulas. They are usually pretty in-touch with the homebirth community and can provide reccomendations for various midwives. Even though it is not a requirement in our state, I feel very strongly about being in the Midwives Alliance of Mississippi as it provides a basic form of accountability and over-sight.

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